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Forex Trading Group

Rodehard's Turtle trading group. Will add more content later.

Price Action Trading

A support group for those adhering to the Price Action trading philosophy without indicators, primarily focused on FOREX markets.

Free forex trading group

Been trading full time for about 3 months now... Thought Id share the ABSOLUTELY FREE trading group bc I had a lot of people asking me how I trade and when to trade. I share all my trades and breakdown every single one for educational purposes. Me and my team are up about 350 pips rn. Ive been able to help a lot of people out so feel free to join and make money with us!
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Rising senior in high school and got offered a “business” opportunity to join a forex trading group

A friend from a gym I go to who I’ve known for a while (who’s like 19) has gone into forex trading recently and has mentored a person who has come in contact with me to join this lil thing of theirs. I have no idea how all this works and he wants me to go on call with them to explain the basics. There is a 200 something dollar fee and I’m down to learn about this shit on my pass time but I don’t want to end up either losing money or letting 200 dollars go down the drain over some bs scheme. I do kinda trust that homie cuz he seems like a smart dude but I still have my doubts cuz I’m kinda going in on the deep end here yk. I don’t wanna get pushed into the unknown just to not get what I’m looking for which is some smol way of making money. Give me the best advice y’all can pls I’m just being cautious sorry.
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Are there Forex trading groups/communities/mentoring in Canberra?

Hello everyone!
Does anybody know of any Forex trading groups or communities within Canberra?
What about mentors for Forex trading?
Thanks in advance
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Anyone else seen “Forex Trading” groups and wondering if it’s an MLM?

Obviously forex trading is not inherently an MLM but i keep seeing people especially on Instagram mention that they’re doing this, and it has a lot of the signs of an MLM.
1) theyre constantly trying to recruit people to do it under their “mentorship”
2) they frequently celebrate others being promoted to higher levels of pay, which is also very strange considering this not something inherent to forex trading, and it sounds like they’re getting promoted based on recruitment
3) no information can be found about their organization, you have to DM them on insta to talk about it
4) they post a lot of “NO WAY is this a scam” things, which is not something most legitimate businesses post.
5) from what I’ve seen they seem to target a lot of young people of coloimmigrants, which again, is a big red flag for MLMs
Has anyone else seen this? No one I bring it up to has heard of it, maybe because it’s a relatively new thing? It seems to be promoted almost exclusively on Instagram.
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🏙️ - Forex Trading Group 📊 - Real -Time Forex Signals (Telegram) 📱 - Daily Chart Analysis & Videos 👇 - 4-8 Daily Signals from our Team
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Author: CostyTrades
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Forex Trading Group

Welcome to forex trading.
Want to join our complimentary whatsapp group for daily recommendations? Also get Analysis and recommendations for Commodities and Index too.
Kindly drop me a text on whatsapp "Hello Reddit" +91-8827790801
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Forex Trading Group From Novices - Experienced.

ShewsyTrades. This group has been set up for all types of traders. From beginners to experienced. I created this group to bring people together and share their experiences/trades.

Also, due to being in other groups, it seems that a lot of people are looking for an honest trading group so thought this would be the best way, no fees.
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Forex trading group

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Forex Trading Group

Would anyone be interested in forming a small forex trading group, we can meet on skype at given times and work through trades together. Every single chat I am a part of (On tradingview for instance) if just a bunch of people posting charts filled with 50 bullshit technical indicators and no actual content
Id love to actually work through trades with logic and reason with other FX traders.
PM me if interested.
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Forex Trading Group

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JCL Capital Announces Launch of Conquering The Markets Forex Trading Group

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I joined IM Academy, realized it was a pyramid scheme, told my “team”, and they kicked me out of the team. Lol

I joined IM Academy after seeing somebody that I follow on both Instagram and Twitter, posting about joining their forex trading group. I was so amped up, after seeing the individual post a screen recorded video of them making $250 in 7 seconds on MetaTrader 4. I couldn’t wait to join!
BOOM!. Stimulus checks come in. I vowed to invest my $235 as an investment fee for this group. My bank kept declining the transaction, so I called the head of the security department and aired them out so I could invest my $235 and make money already! Then, I finally had access to this investment group after a long morning of trying to get my transaction to go through. I was thrown into a group chat, then told to download Telegram and Zoom from the AppStore. Pretty much, after that, I felt like I was living the dream. I had my foot in the door in the forex trading market.
I’ve been investing for 3-4 years, starting with cryptocurrency, to the stock market, now forex trading with an “investment group”. For the days following, my time was spent being on pointless zoom calls, made up of “millionaires”, and like-minded people just giving motivational speeches all day. None of these calls ever consisted of how to trade, or how to read the graphs/charts, or anything pertaining to actually making money. They were always focused on getting you to recruit people. My team, they were especially hyped on the idea of recruiting people. They would always talk about living the lavish life, once they reach the highest rank in IM Academy, which was a Chairman position.
In my eyes, I knew damn well none of us were going to ever make that big of an impact. I started to connect the dots within this organization, then I figured that nothing seemed right. I went on the website, cancelled my subscription and then deactivated my account 2 nights ago, all before the 7 day “free trial” period they supposedly give you. Hopefully I get a refund.
But wait, there’s more!
So, after contemplating for what seemed like days, I finally hop in my group chat with my “family”, tell them how much I liked them (which I actually did), and told them that I think that IM Academy is a pyramid scheme. I told them valid reasons, as well as pulling up factual information, such as the CFTC court documents against iMarkets Live in 2018. They all put laughing emojis, and told me that I was tripping, and that there’s a huge difference between an MLM and a pyramid scheme. After that, I knew I was working with a bunch of dickheads who were too absorbed into the company to face the reality at hand. I then got aired out by my mentor, got called an embarrassment, and a fraud for bringing “fake energy” into the family. I was appalled, because I couldn’t believe they thought I was trying to bring down “the family”. I was telling them what it was straight up, and their reaction told me that they really believed they’d be making millions of dollars under IM Academy.
I’m someone who does research before making investments, and this was the only time in my life that I didn’t. I don’t even think these people looked up the company itself, or received any ratings on it or anything. They got sold the dream of making millions by IM Academy, and now they’re so knee deep into the “dream”, that they couldn’t handle what I told them. I got kicked out the group chat, and ever since then I just wanted to get this off my chest. What a bunch of losers they were, LOL! I hope they have fun getting scammed out of their time and money for as long as that company can stay afloat.
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How To Make Payment With Neteller

How To Make Payment With Neteller

How To Make Payment With Neteller
Neteller is a payment system originated from Canada, in 1999.
Neteller is considered to be a part of the Paysafe Group which is a British global payment group and this group has no banking license.
Neteller is an online wallet that allows you to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds online.
Neteller provides payments in 24 hours and instant cash transfers to and from affiliated merchant sites and between NETELLER account holders.
It targets the customers from social network businesses and forex trading groups.
It provides its users a prepaid card, which helps its clients to make payment on online stores that accept Neteller as a payment solution or Mastercard using Neteller prepaid card.
What is NETELLER instaCASH?
NETELLER instaCASH allows you to use the bank account you registered with NETELLER to transfer funds to your account. And more importantly this facility is available only for canadians.
NETELLER instaCASH system is used to check the balance of your NETELLER account.
You can do a minimum amount of transfer using instaCASH is $10.
How To Open An Account With Neteller?

To open an account in neteller first go to
In that right side corner, you find a button called join for free
No you redirected to
Input your details in the registration form

Neteller Registeration
And click Register now button.
Next a page fill once again the registered email id and password

Neteller Login
Once entered click Join for free button.
It will then take you to the dashboard of your own
How To Make Payment With Neteller
NETELLER makes paying online easy, even where the debit and credit cards may not work.
To make payment in online go to neteller website and click pay online button in the menu
You are redirected to the page where you have to enter you login details
Once entered the details and sign in you noticed your dashboard holding the message of two options where you can pay online and send/receive money.
For paying online click that button

neteller Dashboard
After clicking pay online button, you noticed

Pay online with Neteller

In the above image click the get started button, where a box open which ask you to enter country and currency type

Currency setting in Neteller account

After this you have to fill all your details and click continue
Next a verification code is sent to your registered phone number

Enter the code in below image
Neteller verification

Once you enter the verification code click verify button
Next step you have to input 6 digit number to create secure code number for your account

neteller login
Enter the 6 digit number and save it.
You are now ready to get your account id and secure id
Next you can add money by clicking Money IN button on left side

You can deposit payment via Visa debit card, Visa credit card, Visa electron, paysafe card.
Here you can choose your payment option and start depositing the money.
Payment option in Neteller
You can deposit only 5 times deposits per day in free account

Payment Option in neteller
Min transaction 5.00 USD
Max transaction 150.00 USD

Payment Option in neteller

Once you have received confirmation that your transfer was successful, your funds will be instantly available in your account
Once you input sufficient funds into your Neteller account you can start for money transfer options from your dashboard.
You can also trade cryptocurrencies by choosing the crypto options in your dashboard.

Payment Option in neteller

And you can check your transaction history from the history option in your Neteller dashboard.
How To Add funds In NETELLER InstaCASH Account
To fund your account with NETELLER instaCASH account you need to first ,Log in to your account.
In the NETELLER payment option, click on "Deposit now".
Enter the amount you wish to transfer and your bonus code (if you have one).
Then enter your NETELLER 'Account ID' and 'Secure ID' that were sent to you in the registration email you received from NETELLER.
Enter the last 4 digits of the bank account that you registered with NETELLER. Click 'Submit'.
Once you have received confirmation that your transfer was successful, your funds will be instantly available in your account
How To Do Withdrawal From Neteller Account
You can also do withdrawals from NETELLER accounts
For withdrawing, you need to have made a successful deposit with your NETELLER account.
If you already have made a successful deposit with your NETELLER account, simply login and, click 'Withdrawal' and then select NETELLER. Your cash will be sent electronically to your NETELLER account.
And you can do withdraw in the same day that the amount was deposited
Note: All the withdrawals are first approved by the internal review team, which takes approximately up to three business days.
Once they process your withdrawal, it will take 2 - 6 hours for the funds to appear in your bank account.
Advantages Of Netseller
Neteller offers more than 40 payment options to its customers.Most of the merchants choose this platform because here the payment option is well easy to control the funds.
It allows its Customers to send money to their merchants as well as receive funds from them.
Neteller users can deposit their accounts by transferring money from their online banking account, debit, and credit card.
Neteller has the option of VIP programs. In this program the users receive the VIP status , and allows them to perform a high volume of transactions. This status influences fees, withdrawal limits, and other features.
Hope you enjoy this blog if have want more details about this, you can feel free to contact our experts at and if you want US ebay stealth account, UK ebay stealth account, aged US ebay stealth account, aged UK stealth account then you can reach our experts at any time on Skype: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) and make a call us at +1(480) 637-7566
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Forex Trading WhatsApp Group Links

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How do I explain my friends they are wasting their money on a scam?

All of my friends have been trying to recruit me for a pyramid scheme masked as a forex trading group that asks for 200 euros initial investment, and then basically they want them to recruit more people, meaning the people at the top are earning while the ones at the bottom are dreaming of being at the top.
While I understand this is a scam, I can't argument against the fact that if they reach a comfortable position on the pyramid they will make some money (which I think is illegal because it is not taxed).
How do I explain them that they are wasting their time and money?
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Currency Control Club a scam ?

Right now in both San Antonio and Dallas Texas there is this trend going on where high school and college kids are getting roped into this forex trading group called “Currency Control Club” which claims that you can “make money in your sleep” and basically quit whatever 9-5 job you have to “join the financial revolution”. I have friends that are apart of it that are constantly on social media posting about it with pictures of them on their laptops “making money”. I was curious so I contacted one of the members and they sent me this whole scripted spiel and then a $165 for the class, in sharp contrast to how easy it supposedly is. I can’t find any information or reviews about this organization accept what it’s people are constantly pushing out about it so I would just like to know if any of you guys have any experience with anything like this and if it is a scam?here’s a video link from their Instagram
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Forex Traders

Anybody into forex trading or know of any forex trading groups at ASU? Looking to learn more about the subject and expand my knowledge base!
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Join our Telegraph group to learn how to trade your coin and make huge profit @Forex trade

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Welcome to Veonco Review | Veonco Group | Best Forex Trading Platform

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Hey guys, I need some insight please.

Some friends and I just created a forex trading group. In this group, we sell forex signals.
I'm actually doing some research on what forex signals customers love and hate. Could you guys please with me what you think we should and should not offer to our customers? And why?
My main aim here is to provide a customer-centric experience for all of our customers.
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Referral-only forex "mirror trading" group that pays daily in btc. Free to join, minimum $100 to start earning, $200 to make bonuses! Please DM for more info!

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Forex Trading Group - SCAM - Watch their EA lose $10k in less than 3 mins bloom trading - YouTube Uploads from Forex Trading Group - YouTube Accelerator Funding Group ~ Live Session & Forex Trading ... Forex Trading Group - YouTube

FXN Trading Group is an education company specializing in the Forex Markets. Learn how to maneuver and trade within the exciting world of Forex and currency trading. Discover the right skills and education so you can achieve financial freedom through Forex trading. We offer video tutorials, one on one mentoring and online trading courses. Forex education services, Learn to trade to like me HFX and be consistent in the forex markets. Come join the HFX Trading Group as we together trade the FX markets everyday. Found on Youtube as HFX where i do Free simulation sessions. This forex trading signal group, Forex Pips Factory is one of the smaller forex signal providers in the space, but their quality is up there with the larger groups. They certainly embody quality of quantity as when it comes to frequency of signals, there is a lot to be desired. Furthermore, unlike some other groups, they do not post as much educational content such as charts that appropriately ... Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Full Disclosure. Spot Gold and Silver contracts are not subject to regulation under the U.S. Commodity Exchange Act. *Increasing leverage increases risk. GAIN Capital Group LLC (dba 135 US Hwy 202/206 Bedminster NJ 07921, USA. GAIN Capital Group LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of StoneX Group Inc ... Professional Forex Trading Group Educates, Mentors and Develops individuals to become successful Forex Traders and empower them to change their lives and the lives of those around them with Financial Freedom. With Forex Trading Group your money works for you as you enjoy time and financial freedom. Our Investors Testimony Videos What our client share about their investing experience with Forex Trading Group. Previous Next. Watch our clients as they share their investing experiences with us. SIMPLIFIED INVESTING We have made it very simple for you. Just invest, while we trade and you earn. A smart ... Forex Trading Group Discover a world of trading opportunities. Trade Signals. Technical Analysis. Market News. Brokers Reviews. Markets Forecasts. We help aspiring investors to make profitable trading decisions WITHOUT WASTING TIME ON RESEARCH. Our experienced team follows market movements and performs daily analyses to deliver live signals for your next investment move. We also provide our ...

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Forex Trading Group - SCAM - Watch their EA lose $10k in less than 3 mins

Click Here To Start Trading With Hugosway 👇 SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS. ️ Forex Trading Group Scalper_v7 is a scam. Watch how they drained 2 accounts in less than 3 mins. DO NOT TRUST THEM WITH YOUR MONEY!!! Main Contact: (FOREX Trading Group) [email protected] Do ... Forex Trading Group. 4,143 views; 4 years ago; 45:22. Forex account grows $ 200 to $ 28,75,00,000 EURUSD with Scalper_v6 2006 to 2010 - Duration: 45 minutes. Forex Trading Group. 2,460 views; 4 ... MTG – Montreal Trading Group™ is a bold and innovative proprietary trading firm bringing together the skills of experienced traders, developers, and mathematicians. MTG operates three ... Forex Trading Group is a Forex Education and Investment platform that will help you solve lots of your financial worries. Our objective is simple. Learn and ... Enroll in the complete course here with discounts of over 90% using this link: Follow me on IG: Free Education & Signals: 👉 👈 Here's a new preview of one of the many weekly calls me and my Elite group of Accelerator Fundi... Skip navigation Sign in. Search After a few days off, we are back with more insane results from our Forex trading group. This new update recaps the past 2 weeks trading results produced wit...