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How the scam was structured. Exential Investments Inc was a BVI-registered company incorporated on April 26, 2012. Along with other group companies such as the Exential Group, the company purported to provide forex investment services, when in fact investors were paid a percentage of cash deposited by new investors. Exential Group Forex trading scam. Early in November, over 240 Dubai investors have reached out to Carlton Huxley, UK private firm specializing in scam investigations, seeking to recover their funds. According to investors, the illegal company promised them to get annual returns of 120 percent. However, any regulatory body was overseeing the fund. In July, department of Economic Development ... Exential Group, a managed forex fund located in Dubai Media City, was ordered by UAE’s financial regulators to cease operations pending an investigation of the Department of Economic Development (DED), according to a Thenational.ae report. The alleged fraudulent company promised annual returns of up to 120 percent on an investment of as little as $25,000, less than AED 92,000. But when ... Dubai: The verdict in the $300 million Exential Forex scam may be out, but the likelihood of the 7,000 UAE residents who invested in the dubious get-rich-quick scheme getting their money back ... Exential Group – Managed Forex Accounts Scam. Update 03/01/2017. The perpetrator behind this Ponzi scheme, an individual called Sydney Lemos, has been arrested. Update 24/10/2016. I was informed that a class action lawsuit against Exential is being prepared by the Giambrone law firm. All people interested should visit this page. Update 25/07/2016. More than a year since this article was ... Indian chartered accountant and some influential businessmen who are said to have played key roles in the brazen forex scam. [email protected] or call (US) 240-232-2001. Exential Group Office. Posted on May 11th, 2017; Posted by I-F-A. Comments Off on Exential Group-Victims!! Filed under: Articles, Open Cases, Scam Alerts; Tags: Dubai Forex, Dubai Fraud, EXENTIAL GROUP, EXENTIAL MIDEAST ... It is possible to see a substantial return in a short amount of time while trading forex, but it is also essential to be wary of anything that seems too good to be true. You might think you’ve struck lucky by stumbling across an unlikely bargain, but that could easily be your undoing. Here’s a breakdown of how you can avoid being the victim of fraud in the forex market. Know what you’re ...

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